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Fan Art for Me

Thank you to all my fans and friends for the wonderful artwork! If you make a piece for me, or want to see who shares your sentiments over your favorite character(s) of mine, check out your fellow fan base here!


It's been a while since I've asked this, so... favorite IJAG character? 

24 deviants said Tessa
23 deviants said Jian
11 deviants said Emmi
7 deviants said Gale
6 deviants said Axel
5 deviants said Sam
2 deviants said Other? *comment below!*


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey, I'm Kyndle and I make comics. Currently, my only project here are my nuzlockes, but I'll soon be working on some other comics as well!

I really love gothic lolita style, anything Disney, Studio Ghibli, or MARVEL, and my favorite thing in the whole wide world is strawberries!


Gimme a book suggestion to read, and we'll be instant friends~!

I have the driest, darkest sense of humor, so forgive me if I come off as a complete and utter weirdo!

Also, please enjoy my works, leave a comment (I try to answer them all) or critique (please, I want to improve), and thank you for stopping by!

Nuzlocke Forums
Hey, everyone! How's it been?

So, firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who shared my "Emergency Commissions" journal around and those who messaged me for commissions. I really appreciate it! Let's start with the good news:


Currently, it's sitting in my parent's driveway right now, but I can't drive it yet because it doesn't have a tag and I still need to get insurance for it. Not a big deal, but at least I have the car. However, I ended up borrowing the money I needed from my parents (about $500, as the few commissions I got in covered a bit of the cost), so I have to pay them back. Therefore, my commissions are still open, and I hope to get some more in, too. If you're interested, or would like to help spread the word, check out my previous journal:
Emergency Commissions!Edit: my latest check came in and it was surprisingly a little more than I thought. Now, I only need about $600 to get my car. Still looking for commissions, so please note me if interested!
Alright, so here's the deal.
I'm trying to buy a car this month, and well... financially, things are looking a little grim. That week of work I lost really affected my income in the worst way possible, and I now won't make enough to pay for the car by the end of the month like I had hoped. I have about half of what I need right now, but my next check coming in on Wednesday won't put enough in my account to make up the rest. And if I don't buy this car before the end of the month, I stand a significant chance of losing it. I really need this car, too, since I'm moving out in June, and my new job starts THIS MONTH, so having transportation is extremely important. That being said, I need to make $600 quick, preferably before next week, but realistically before April 28th. So, commissions! To help out,

My second (soon to be main) job also started today, and it was... informative. Today was mostly just my orientation day, so I didn't do too much except learn about the company and tour the (frankly impressive) building I'll be working in. I switched to part time at the warehouse, so, for a while, I'll have 2 income checks... and no days off for the next 6 weeks. If things go as planned, that is. I'm definitely on board with this new job, and the warehouse is moving across town (it's actually closer to my parents' house), but the new location has a TON of rules that just... well, I'm not sure if it'll be worth it for me to stay the ENTIRE 6 weeks. I might cut out after about 3, but I'll see. Either way, I won't have to worry about money too much for a tiny bit. Maybe. I'd rather be safe than sorry, truly.

That being said... I'm probably not going to be online all that much for a while. Unless I end up quitting the warehouse all together before my training is done at my new job, I'll be swamped with life stuff until probably the middle of June at best. That's okay, though, because I only have 2 more pages to complete for Chapter 5 of IJAG, and after that, I'm hosting a contest here. In my "down time" during all that, I'll be working on getting the first volume of this nuzlocke put together and published, which means I'll be busy working on exclusive BONUS material that will only be available in the books as well as on my patreon. So, if you guys wanna keep up with the extra comics, it'll be just $5 a month to view all the GOOD stuff~ Or you can just donate $1 or $2 to see the pages a week in advanced and get my world building notes (for the latter donation amount). Any way you choose to support, though, helps, and I deeply appreciate it all!

And on a final note, a new page of IJAG will be out tomorrow morning, so get excited about that! Even though I'l be crazy busy, I will do my best to take some time to read and respond to all my comments, like I usually do. I really, REALLY enjoy interacting with you guys, hearing your theories, getting your reactions, and just... your presence here. It's so awesome that people like my work enough to fave, comment, and even share it with their friends. I deeply appreciate every single bit of it, guys. The best feeling in the world is when I log on and see a slew of comments waiting for me. Seriously, you make my day! Now, I've got to finish my own day, get dinner going, and rest up for this... long, long, month and a half. I haven't had a day off work since Thursday, ha ha... but once my training is done (if I stick to the warehouse job or no), I'll have weekends off again (hallelujah!), and will be back in full force! Either way, I'll be seeing you soon! Best days ahead!



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PLZ Accounts

Random plz accounts made from my various comic shenanigans




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